UPDATE 23 MONTH: This workshop is now offered online because of the measures taken around the Corona virus!

Last year I received an email from filmmaker Maarten Roos with the nice news that Ilse de Ziah, Irish cellist and completely at home in Irish music, would give a workshop day in Amsterdam. This because the documentary “Living the tradition”, made by both of them, would be shown in Amsterdam. I was enthusiastic: I had known Ilse for years, if not personally. She arranges Irish music and famous works for cello solo and I already bought three e-books from her with cello music. See www.ilsedeziah.com for much more about Ilse. Unfortunately I couldn’t make myself free that day and I also heard interest from students on the one hand but also doubt; is this for ‘your level’?

I mailed Ilse with the proposal to offer the cello workshop again. She can use my studio for free and so the workshop can be offered more sharply, and we split the levels in two groups so that everyone feels at home. Ilse felt for this and filmmaker Maarten Roos is trying to find a space where the documentary can be shown that day and where Ilse will give a short concert afterwards.

Saturday 18th April + Sunday 19th Aprilwhere Ilse works in the morning with the beginning cellists and in the afternoon with the more advanced cellists. In the evening you will get a link to see the film Living the tradition, made by Ilse and Maarten. Afterwards there will be an online opportunity to ask questions to both makers.

Do you want to play something different with your cello than classical music?  Do you like Irish music? Folk music? Then join in; it’s refreshing! I’m very fond of it myself. There are two options; only the workshop with Ilse, at € 85,00. Or the workshop in combination with watching the documentary “Living the tradition” and followed by a short concert of Ilse at € 99,00.


Are you coming with me? Get up as soon as possible so you can prepare for this unique workshop. Ilse also gives a course every summer in Cork, Ireland.

Look up more information about her workshops and courses: http://ilsedeziah.com/category/workshops/.

Let’s learn something completely different!


info@celloverkoop.nl | 06 – 1818 9005

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