Dear pupils, dear subscribers to this Celloblog! Hooray, I finally made it! For months I was looking for reinforcements in the cello teacher team because the schedule fills up so fast. Now the amplification has come from the best angle possible, namely from the current cello teachers. Koen Schouten, who teaches on Saturday in the studio in the Houthaven, recently indicated that he will get time to teach cello on the Haparandaweg on Tuesday afternoon. I’m very happy about that.

We hope that we can accommodate everyone who finds it difficult to find a place to their liking on Thursday, Friday or Saturday. If you’re always teaching with me, you’re also welcome to occasionally or structurally go to Koen for lessons. Everyone is welcome as far as he and I are concerned; there is no competition but cooperation and reinforcement. Koen pays attention to different things than I do, he names things differently and let’s not forget; Koen is not only a friendly but also a fantastic cellist with, among other things, 10 years of experience cello captain of Amsterdam Sinfonietta in his pocket. So with orchestral parts you’re also very well with him :-).

From the 16th of April he starts every two weeks on Tuesday afternoon from 12.30 till 15.30, end of the last lesson 16.30. This will be extended in number of hours as soon as you like and also to weekly cello lessons.

If you now insert yourself in his schedule on 16 and/or 30 April, you will receive € 5.00 discount on his lesson rate.

The direct link to the calendar page is here . There you will also see the link for smartphone and tablet!

Do you have any questions? Or suggestions? I keep myself recommended. Call me at 06 – 1818 9005 or mail me at

Kind regards,

Scarlett Doctor and Koen Schouten!

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