The schedule for cello lessons with Koen, Lotte and me is now open until August! See our schedule at Please note; on August 15th and 16th I don’t teach, because then I’m cooking for the Celloweekend. Koen will take over a number of lessons on Thursday and/or Friday for your convenience. At the Celloweekend 22 places are now taken and two places are still available for the advanced group. Who joins?

Samenspeelag 1 june a.s.

On June 1st a day of playing together from 10.00 to 14.00 for cellists who are beginners and non-beginners. Are you seeing this now and do you want to join? You can still join by emailing me now at The music is ready for you.

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On 18 and 20 July there is a Workshop Solfège on the program. Nice that there are already applications. I secretly expected more! Because I think there are quite a lot of cellists among you who have not yet received so much accompaniment when working out rhythmical figures and singing from leaves. Never done that before? Then this is for you! This day there is no threshold; get in and learn something new. You don’t have to be a cellist to join; there were enthusiastic reactions from non-cellists and everyone who wants to learn is welcome! On the string forum I was even asked to take care of this at Den Bosch for a music club. No chicken! 

I believe there is a threshold, because we are ‘going to sing’. Do you want to join, but are you afraid to use your voice? I’ll sing with you. Softer than usual, but I’m with you. We’re both going on “pp”. Do you want to join in, but shut up about the singing part? Mail me. Let’s spar together.

Click here for more information about the workshop itself.

Workshop Continuo game

Good to know: later in the year there will be a long workshop Continuo game for cellists. This workshop continuo will be given by harpsichordist Jan van Grootheest, maybe you remember him from our concerts in Het Concertgebouw? This continuo workshop goes deeper into tension in the bass line and how to make it heard. In other words: chords leer. Because that’s what it comes down to; being able to explain the tension. This solfeggio workshop in July makes that you don’t go into that workshop as a ‘dummy’. You fix everything for that week by preparing yourself. I tell you about chords and their reversals and Jan will take over later in the year. We are going to play them in July with the cello and tune them beautifully.

Do you have any questions? Do you want to participate under a certain condition? Would you like an explanation of terms like Intervals, Counterpoint, Polyphony, Circle of fifths, Cadens, Three against two, Coded bass? In short; do you have questions you want answered for the workshop on July 18 or 20? Mail them to me.

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