I’ve always done a lot of music, piano and singing. But my great wish was to learn to play the cello. And I started doing that more than two years ago. I put a lot of energy into it. A few months ago I started to run into the limits of my cello. My cello teacher carefully suggested that I shouldn’t switch. And then, to my great fortune, I found Scarlett’s web site and contacted her. First I told her about my background and motivation by phone and soon made an appointment.

I’ve been to Scarlett twice and tried a total of 6 cellos. And guess what? The very first cello turned out to be the right match, a beautiful Bohemian cello from around 1900. So, Scarlett already figured out what I was looking for during our phone call!

Scarlett, thank you so much for your expert advice!


In search of a cello I also came across the Scarlett site on the internet. What appealed to me was the fact that she sells both new and old cello’s, but also that she teaches herself and therefore knows what she’s talking about. I made an appointment by phone, explained what I was looking for and asked Scarlett some more questions to get a clear picture. In Amsterdam there were 3 cello’s ready, both old and new and in different price ranges. Scarlett took all the time to let each instrument be heard, after which I could try which instrument felt good and discover the sound I was looking for. Finally I bought a beautiful old cello. I am happy every day when I play on it. Thank you Scarlett!


‘I could have even bought my cello unseen. Scarlett had very aptly described in words the character of my approximately 90 year old cello from Markneukirchen. “The sound is warm and round. Speaks easily and is not reproachful. Extremely suitable for beginning cellists”. I got the image of an open, pleasant, stable and reliable personality. Actually, in that description he even looked like my husband! When I tried him out I had the feeling that I already knew him. He played fine and the sound was beautiful. Now that he has been here at home for a while he has really lived up to his character. It is a very pleasant cello to play on. And with his Dampit he stays tuned and very stable even when the weather changes. Lovely! I used to have a new rented cello that was quite fickle and that made me quite nervous. So thank you Scarlett! Because of your talent to capture the character of a cello in words, we are now a very happy set’.


Voor mij was het wel even zoeken welke cello bij me past. Behalve in de lessen zelf mocht ik ook een paar verschillende cello´s thuis uitproberen. Scarlett gaf me daar alle tijd en ruimte voor. Dit heeft me uiteindelijk een mooie cello tegen een prima prijs opgeleverd waar ik veel plezier van heb!


For now many thanks because I am very happy with the cello and suitcase. In a couple of years, when I play better and am ready for a successor cello, I’ll report back to you!



I’ve been looking for a better cello for my son for a long time. We tried a lot of cello’s with different violin makers in the Netherlands, but it was always just not what we were looking for. Then I came to Scarlett Arts and immediately the first cello hit the spot. What a nice warm sound! I bought the cello the same day. My son now plays it with great pleasure and his cello teacher is also very enthusiastic. Scarlett is friendly and knowledgeable, and has a good view on the cello. Good quality for an affordable price.

It takes some time before you decide to really say goodbye to your cello and sell it. Once I got that far, I contacted Scarlett. She helped me in a professional way to find someone else who appreciates the cello and can enjoy it. Scarlett takes the wishes and interests of both parties into consideration and has a good eye for the quality and possibilities of the cello. I am therefore very pleased with the careful and fast way in which the sale has been made. Thanks!


Have a beautiful cello from Scarlett since 6 weeks, I felt completely taken seriously : wants to learn to play the cello as an adult, although everyone shouts that you have to learn to play a bowed instrument as a child. By the way, Scarlett himself proved the opposite. Felt very helpful in choosing my instrument, patient and taking all the time I needed to make a good choice. Very happy with my choice, I am completely in love with her noble (it’s a she, I don’t know why) sound and appearance. Scarlett, thank you. Also very happy with your lessons.


I’m very happy with this cello (and we call her “Cella”). Of course I hope to enjoy it for a very long time but if I’m ready for something else you’ll see me appear.


I didn’t know you could have such a click with a cello. Very special to experience.


Hi Scarlett! I’m really super happy with the cello. I’ve already managed to play Ode to Joy!


Scarlett Arts has quietly helped me pick out a beautiful new cello last year. I liked her professional attitude. She knew what she was talking about and could give me good advice.


After an extensive search for a cello, I came to Scarlett. She asked my wishes well and took all the time for me, so I could ask all my questions and try out the different cello and stick options. In the end, against my own expectations, I ended up with a Chinese cello. Because I only play for a few years, I like the idea that Scarlett has a ´through-growth possibility´: if I want to grow to a more expensive instrument within three years, Scarlett will take my current cello back for the purchase price. Although I am very happy with the cello I have chosen now, it is good for me as a beginner to know that this possibility exists. Because of the helpfulness and good service I can recommend the purchase of a cello at Scarlett to everyone!


Scarlett, thanks for finding my beautiful instrument!


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