General terms and conditions


1.1 These general terms and conditions are applicable to all offers of (hereinafter to be called Celloverkoop) and to all (purchasers of products of Celloverkoop) concluded agreements.

1.2 Unless expressly agreed otherwise, the applicability of other general terms and conditions is excluded.

2 Agreement reached

2.1 All expressions of Cellover sales on the website count as an invitation to make an offer.

2.2 The viewer comes to the point of sale in Amsterdam or Havelte where one can play and buy the celli.

3 Prices

3.1 The prices on the Celloverkoop websites are the current prices.

3.2 As long as the agreement has not been concluded, Celloverkoop is entitled to change the prices and further conditions.

3.3 All prices are inclusive of VAT if applicable. 

3.4 Even after the conclusion of the agreement, cellopurchase is entitled to pass on changes in the rate of sales tax and any other taxes and/or levies when these are required or changed by the government.

4 Delivery

4.1 All purchases are collected by the buyer.

4.2 Celloverkoop will deliver the order expeditiously. In case of delay in the delivery of all or part of the order Celloverkoop will send a message within three weeks after acceptance of the order at the latest. The customer then has the right to cancel the order within seven days after receipt of the delay message, if delayed, without charge.


5 Payment

5.1 Payment shall be made by prepayment by bank or online banking in the manner set out in more detail on the website.


5.2 Prepayment can only be made by bank or giro or a cash.

6 Retention of title

<6.1 Delivered items remain the property of Celloverkoop until all (payment) obligations have been fulfilled. This applies to all obligations for which the law allows the making of a reservation of ownership.

6.2 Celloverkoop is irrevocably authorised to take back (or have taken back) the articles that have remained the property of Celloverkoop without any notice of default being required.

7 Warranty

7.1 Celloverkoop guarantees the quality of the articles it delivers during 12 months after delivery. Cello’s are made of wood; wood lives; seams can jump open due to weather conditions. Glue work and construction are subject to natural conditions. 

7.2 Warranty claims can only be submitted in writing to Celloverkoop within 14 days after discovery of the defect, with a brief description of the defect and sending a copy of the invoice.

<7.3 This warranty means that if the conditions set out in 7.2 are met, Celloverkoop will repair or replace the item free of charge (at the option of Celloverkoop). However, this warranty does not include any additional costs, such as provisions made within the framework of the repair or replacement.

7.4 This warranty does not apply if and to:- the item or device is not adequately protected against transport damage upon return;- jumped strings.- changes have been made to the article or device; – defects that have arisen as a result of incorrect or injudicious use; – the defect has arisen as a result of intent or gross negligence; – of an external calamity such as lightning strikes, power failures, natural disasters, etc.; – Cell over-sale has not been given the opportunity (in time) to investigate the complaint and possibly repair the defect.

8 Personal data

8.1 Personal data is stored in the customer system of Celloverkoop in order to process the orders. These data will not be given to third parties in any way. Celloverkoop hopes that once a month the Celloles Newsletter may be sent to the buyer plus the weekly cello movies with technical tips. I add you as a customer to this address file.

9 Liability

9.1 The liability of Celloverkoop with regard to the sale and delivery of articles is explicitly limited to the warranty mentioned under article 7.


9.2 Celloverkoop is not liable for (technical) advice provided by it, errors on the website, technical data provided by suppliers or producers and unforeseeable and reasonably uncontrollable poor quality of the products.


9.3 For the rest, any liability of Celloverkoop shall be limited to the amount actually paid of the invoice sent in this respect.

9.4 If unexpected damage occurs during transport / delivery, the purchaser must inform Scarlett Arts Music of this. By means of a photo via email and telephone

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