1. “Playing the cello should start young.”

Nope. Really. I started when I was 19 and became a professional cellist, and I have pupils who started after the age of 45 and now effortlessly change positions and enjoy Bach: fable!

2. “Playing the cello causes injuries.”

When you study with policy, never too long, on the right size cello so not too big, you don’t get any injuries from playing the cello. It is possible, however, that technical mistakes occur, such as playing with shoulders raised, squeezing your thumb(s), and so on. So let yourself be corrected at class and keep on correcting yourself when you are alone.

3. “Playing cello is an expensive hobby.”

Admittedly, the lessons are expensive and without lesson: no glory, but you don’t necessarily have to play an expensive cello. Admittedly; “What you pay is what you get” but on a simple cello you can also learn to play. However, playing a nice level of cello also requires a nice fine cello.

4. “I can’t do that to the neighbors.”
Definitely; you can study if you live with a heavy hotel muffler. The more it weighs, the more sound it muffles.

5. “I play too badly to play together.”
Bullshit! Your cello teacher probably has more students who are in the same phase as you: he or she can link you to someone else. Relaxed playing together is DA BOMB!

6. “I never get into an orchestra.”
As soon as you can change position and make a bit of speed, you can also try to get into an orchestra. Each orchestra has its own “entrance requirements”. Consider a baroque orchestra first; these bass lines are usually playable and often stick to two flats and crosses.

7. “It’s over with the miniskirt and heels.”

NOT! I don’t do it myself but a pair of tights under a miniskirt is no problem for many to play the cello. And with heels on I play finer than without; it brings my kneecaps on a fine spot around the cello.

8. “I’ll never get to Bach suites…”
That’s up to you. If you like Bach, start his suites as soon as your position changes. If the suites (start at the front!) are too difficult, see them as a high-level étude. Enjoy all the position changes and regional challenges. It’s so beautiful; no day without Bach!


The best day to plant a tree was twenty years ago. The next best day is today.
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9. “I’m too busy, maybe later…?”

It’s a matter of scheduling in your diary; if you like it, you do it.
And don’t you think later; “If only I had…” In short, there’s no reason not to start playing the cello NOW.

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