The best day to start to play the cello was 20 years ago.

The next best day is today.

Free late, at 19, I got my first cello lesson. I was totally sold! In the meantime I have been a qualified teacher and performing musician for a long time. It’s nonsense that you have to be young to learn to play the cello well. I have many people in their thirties and forties who have never had a cello in their hands before and now play Bach suites; they are determined to learn this and so they succeed. They found their dream cello with me and play in amateur orchestras.

Late start did mean tackling! Study, study and study again. I went through all the summer courses and orchestras I could think of. My first orchestra was the open string orchestra of The Hague Youth Orchestra. I played the cello for a few months. There was just one problem: there wasn’t a chair I could fit in. I was sitting between toddlers, hahaha!

Gelefully I followed my feelings because since 1997 I have been working full time as a (certified) cello teacher (since 2003). I became a cellist and now I help others. Teaching well and helping to choose the right cello for those who are looking for is what I like.

String quartet

When I don’t give cello lessons and I’m not looking for cello’s I really like to play the quartet. My colleagues are such fine girls, and wonderful musicians. We give a concert at Het Concertgebouw every few years; that’s something really great to work towards.

More about me and my activities as a cello teacher and musician can be read at and

Want to start cello lessons after your thirtieth birthday and secretly play a beautiful old instrument? Look with me what you want to buy in that case; a cello that is not too big and a bit slimmer is the starting point. Maybe not a whole cello but a small whole or 7/8th cello?

You want to find your dream cello but can’t see the forest through the trees? That’s fine with me; I think with you; I’m a cellist and a teacher myself. 

Dispair and frustration; being unhappy with your current cello? Sometimes so much that people want to stop playing the cello! Often this is too big and stiff cello.

Lots of novice and advanced cellists come to me and go out of the house madly. Just look at references!

Because I love to let cellists play better I’ve made 60 movies about cello technique and problems I often see. Do you want to receive them drop by drop? Then subscribe to the VideoBlogPost.

Why would you like to try a cello with me?


– I’m a cellist and cello teacher and I know what a good fine cello is

– I also know exactly how the cellos I offer sound and feel, as opposed to a violin maker


– Nobody has as many beautiful affordable old cello’s under € 9.500,00 in the studio as I

– Before you come to me, I’ll probably know what to get ready

– If you grow out of your instrument, I’ll trade it back in for the same amount and you grow further. A granite guarantee!

‘Ik wilde je zo graag bedanken voor al je hulp (…) die is geëindigd met mijn keuze voor deze absoluut geweldige oude Engelse cello. Het maakte voor mij een enorm verschil dat u zo vriendelijk en meegaand was, dat u luisterde zonder opmerkingen te maken, maar uw mening duidelijk gaf toen ik het vroeg, en me hielp met uw vragen om te verduidelijken wat ik zocht, en wat ik met elk instrument meemaakte. Het hielp ook enorm dat u mij niet onder druk zette om te handelen, maar om na te denken. Dit hielp me eigenlijk om sneller tot een beslissing te komen dan anders het geval zou zijn geweest…’

Review by Jennifer about the old English 7/8th cello

What beautiful cellos have I recently sold?

Ai, there are a lot of them, all with their own story. But if I have to choose..: What’s fantastic is that in 3 years, I could offer a Michel-Ange Garini cello twice. They are French cello’s, contrary to what the name makes you think. They are cello’s made by J. Thibouville-Lamy, under his alter ego Michel-Ange Garini.

These cellos are dark red-brown, and are painted with a flame, like the Milanese did: very skilful and unique. Then they sound insanely beautiful, are still affordable with me and are now played by Mirjam and Ellen.


With my years of experience as a cello teacher and salesman, I can hear what you need in a preliminary interview, based on your story, level, construction, and budget. Unlike a violin maker, I know how a cello appeals, whether it is easy to play, whether it is warm or clear, or a combination of both. Which cello is less objectionable or which one is perfect for a conservatory student. Do you find projection important or are you looking for intimacy in your cello?


After an extensive search for a cello, I came to Scarlett. She asked my wishes well and took all the time for me, so I could ask all my questions and try out the different cello and stick options. In the end, against my own expectations, I ended up with a Chinese cello. Because I only play for a few years, I like the idea that Scarlett has a ´through-growth possibility´: if I want to grow to a more expensive instrument within three years, Scarlett will take my current cello back for the purchase price. Although I am very happy with the cello I have chosen now, it is good for me as a beginner to know that this possibility exists. Because of the helpfulness and good service I can recommend the purchase of a cello at Scarlett to everyone!


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